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Skills Clinics to Become Confident

Cheerleaders, Dancers and Tumblers

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We help cheerleaders, dancers and tumblers become the best on their teams

with nationally-renowned instructors and techniques.

Do You Struggle with Cheerleading, Dancing or Tumbling?

  • Are you afraid of falling?

  • Do you feel intimidated against the competition?

  • Are you afraid you're using the wrong techniques?

  • Do you feel insecure in your skills?

  • Are you worried about what people are saying?

  • Do you want to learn from the best in the country?

Training to become the best cheerleader, dancer or tumbler on your team is challenging.


It’s intimidating to face the competition and it’s hard to know who is teaching the proper techniques.


Mentally preparing for competition is even harder!


When you look in the mirror, you don’t want to feel small and insecure. We help our clients feel safe, secure and confident.

We help you become one of the best on your team!

Our Current ATH FIT Fusion Clients Include:



Middle School


High School





"After a few months of coaching with Donald, my daughter is back and better then ever! She now tumbles with correct technique and confidence. Coach Donald takes the time to learn each child’s personality and learning style. Safety and good technique are his top priority. We couldn’t be more pleased!"

- Carley

"Madison has shown so much improvement with tumbling and her confidence. Coach Donald’s style of coaching is exactly what she needed to become a better athlete. We appreciate the time he puts into teaching her new skills, cheering her on when she masters a new skill and having patience with her when she is having a hard time. Thank you so much for being a wonderful and caring coach."

"My daughter started tumbling with Coach Donald about a year ago and we can’t say enough about him! He understands where she is in her tumbling journey and how to connect with her as she progresses to improve her skill set. We love Donald!"



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Donald Holmes, Founder

I have over 34 years of tumbling knowledge and am a former state champion of gymnastics. I hold certifications in USASF and have helped win 35 national championships. I’ve successfully instructed athletes to make over 10 college squads.

Stop feeling scared, unprepared and insecure.

Become the daring head athlete you were born to be!

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Right Skills Clinic for You?

Read "What to Look for in a Cheerleading,

Dancing and Tumbling Skills Clinic"

Are You Ready to Bring It On?

Stop wasting your time learning improper techniques and risking injuries. Develop new, cleaner and sharper skills while gaining more tumbling power. Train in an exciting environment that uses in-body mechanics to customize your training.

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